.... Speak So Loud
A Man For All Seasons
A Place To Crash
Advertising Space (с переводом)
Ain't That A Kick In The Head
Always And Forever Is Forever Young
Angels (с табами)
Angels (с аккордами)
Angles (с аккордами)
Ant Music
Are You Gonna Go My Way
Average B Side
Baby Girl Window
Baby Girl Window (с табами)
Back For Good (Live)
Back For Good+Babe(Featuring Mark Owen, Live At Kn
Bag Full Of Silly
Better Days
Better Man
Better Man (с аккордами)
Better Man (Spanish Version)
Betterman (с табами)
Beyond The Sea
Bongo Bong And Je Ne T'aime Plus
Buddy You're A Boy Make A Big Noise
Burslem Normals
By All Means Necessary
Cheap Love Song
Coke & Tears
Come And Hold My Hand
Come Fly With Me (с переводом)
Come Join The Band
Come Take Me Over
Come Undone (с аккордами)
Come Undone
Dance With The Devil
Deceiving is Believing
Dig Your Polished Nails Into The Dirt
Do Me Now
Do Nothing Till You Hear From me
Don't do Love
Don't Fight The Feeling, Relax
Don't Say No
Dont Let Your Eyes Tell The Brain
Ego a go go
El Angel Que Quiero Yo
El Angel Que Quiero Yo (Angels Spanish Version)
El Angel Que Quiero Yo (Spanish Version Of Angels)
Eternity (с аккордами)
Ev'ry Time we Say Goodbye
Every Time we Say Goodbye
Everytime We Say Goodbye
Falling In Bed
Falling in Bed (again)
Family Coach
Feel (с аккордами)
First They Ignore You
For Those About To Die
Forever Texas
Freedom '96
Full Monty Medley
Get A Little High
Get The Joke
Get The Joke (с аккордами)
Good Doctor
Handsome Man
Handsome Man (с аккордами)
Have You Met Miss Jones?
He's Chosen My Attic
Heaven From Here (с табами)
Heaven From Here
Heaven From Here (с аккордами)
Hello Sir
Hello. Did You Miss Me_
Here I Stand Victorious
Hey, Hey Here Comes No One
Hold On To This
Hot Fudge
Hot Fudge (с аккордами)
How Peculiar
I am The (res)erection
I Am The Res - Erection
I Feel A Sudden Urge To Sing The Kind Of Ditty Tha
I Like To Reminisce About A Time I've Never Had
I Started a Joke
I Used To Live 'round Here
I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen (с аккордами)
I Will Talk, Hollywood Will Listen
I Will Talkhollywood Will Listen
I Wouldn't Normally do This Kind of Thing
I'm On A Mission
I've Sung Some Songs That Were Lame
If Its Hurting You
It Was a Very Good Year
It's Not Unusual (Live)
It's Only us
Jesus in a Camper Van
John's Gay
Karaoke Overkill
Karaoke Star
Karma Killer
Keep On
Kids (с аккордами)
Kill Me Or Cure Me
Killing me
King Of Bloke And Bird
Knutsford City Limits
Let me Entertain You
Life Thru a Lens
Loose Lips Sunk Ships
Love Calling Earth
Love Cheat
Mack The Knife
Make Me Pure
Making Plans For Nigel
Man For All Seasons
Man Machine
Me & My Shadow
Me And My Monkey (с переводом)
Me And my Shadow
Millenium (с аккордами)
Monsoon (с аккордами)
Morning Sun
Mr Bojangles (с аккордами)
Mr. Bojangles
My Culture
Nan's Song
Nans Song (с аккордами)
Never Touch That Switch
No Regrets
No Regrets (с аккордами)
Not Of This Earth
Not Of This World
Old Before i Die
Old Before I Die (с аккордами)
One Eye On The Shadows Protecting His Fellows
One Fine Day
One For my Baby
One of God's Better People
One of Gods Better People (с табами)
One Of Gods Better People (с аккордами)
Phoenix From The Flames
Please Don't Die
Qualcosa Di Stupido
Queen Bitch Eat The Rich
Random Acts Of Kindness
Road To Mandalay (с переводом)
Rock dj (с переводом)
Rock Dj (с аккордами)
Rocks Off
Rolling Stone
Rome Munich Rome
Rudebox (с переводом)
Save The Children
Ser Mejor (Better Man, Spanish Version)
Sexed up
Sexed Up! (с аккордами)
She Makes me High
She's Madonna (с переводом)
She's The One
Shes The One (с табами)
Shes The One (с аккордами)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Live)
Sin Sin Sin (с переводом)
Singing For The Lonely
So Unimpressed But So In Awe
Some Will Sing A Song
Something Beautiful
Something Beautiful (с аккордами)
Something Stupid
Something Stupid (с аккордами)
Song 3
South of The Border
Spread Your Wings
Stalker's Day Off
Stalkers Day Off (i've Been Hanging Around)
Stand Your Ground
Straighten up And Fly Right
Strong (с табами)
Strong Over (с аккордами)
Supreme (с аккордами)
Supreme (French Version)
Sweet Gene Vincent
Talk To Me
Teenage Millionaire
Teenage Millionarie
The 80's
The 90's
The Actor
The Full Month Medley
The Full Monty Medley
The Postcard
The Road to Mandalay (с переводом)
The Road To Mandalay (с аккордами)
The Trouble With Me
There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
There She Goed
There She Goes
There Was Me And My Monkey
There's No Earthly Way Of Knowing
These Dreams
They Can't Take That Away From me
Tripping (с аккордами) (с переводом)
Trying To Be Misunderstood
Viva Life On Mars
Walk This Sleigh
We Will Rock You
We're The Pet Shop Boys
Well Did You Evah
Will Talk, Hollywood Will Listen
Win Some Lose Some (с аккордами)
Win Some, Lose Some
You CanÂВ‚¬в„ўt Manufacture A Miracle
You Know Me
You Said When You'd Die That You'd Walk With Me Ev
You See The Trouble With Me
Your Gay Friend
You`re History