Hey people of the free world, let's sit around and bitch about we think we know
You say you fear this life adamantly, but “oh God bless!”

Now we all just sit around and think about what, happens lastly
Seems to me, life is hitting it home, breakin' it down and getting' it on
And I really loath to wait….

All of the things that you been thinking of
…and you really never understood why
All of the pain you've been concealing
...that's been all bottled up inside

Despite all those feelings that you're missing
…as they all go driftin' by
Let's open all the doors of the locked
…and let's take a good look inside

Now you're back to sittin' around and thinking about, what to do?
Lock and load, but hey don't explode, it could be the last thing you ever do

Some nights, you put your money down, you sit tight and you think about
Why everytime you roll, you win?
Keep livin' large, make a tithe, stay up, wake your mind, raise up
But hey its time! It's only time! Don't let time ever get the lead on your life!

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