You know its that bitch, yea nigga reminisn.
Hate to tell you but this is this is as good as it gizzit, thats no bullshizzit,
I stay on my grind and give bitches the buzznizz, please pay attention, li, li listen, listen,
this is this a Kool and Dre epidemic, and aint nobody fuckin wit any of my niggaz.
U see Crack nice, Getty and Pras nice, and even tho he blow he gotta flow Tony Sunshine nice,
and u know that im nice, Pun is insane, Nevy steady on da grinden callus that beats novacain.
It's not the same shits gon change quickly blame ure ghost writer cuz he cant fuck wit me.
Yea Remy Mar-t-i-n if .... just spit up in da park bitch i want in!!!!
(feel that)
Or on the King looking sleezy, I got the source all over me like big zeeti alot of weed smoke so the pitcure look steamy
Im a diva so the dons and divas say they need me. Got the cover of the Ave and i made it look eazy. Why are you on the back of the page looking cheezy. Double XL I turn niggas on like a T.V. Rockin all different colors from lemon to kiwi I came in the game wit Pun and they aint beleive me. So i made them wonder like Stevie I came in wit a platinum rapper like hersheys kiss no freebies. You came wit a gold rapper like reeses pieces. Remy Ma rated R, yall rated P.G, 13 worth cream Damn i talk greezy!

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