Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:50:07 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers
Subject: ./r/raspberries/lets_pretend.crd
"Let's Pretend"
(Eric Carmen)
Verse 1:
I can't sleep nights
Am Bm C CaddD/A
Wishing you were here beside me
Can't help feelin'
Am7 D7 G
That's the way it ought to be
B7/D# Em
You know we could run (run, run away)
D7/F# G /B C Am7 Am7/D
But I couldn't bear to hear the things they'd say, oh no
G Bm C /B Am7
Baby, let's pretend that tonight could live forever
FaddG Am7/D D7 G CaddD /D
If we close our eyes and believe it might come true
G Bm C /B Am7
Baby, let's pretend we could always [1,4: be 2,3: live] together
FaddG Am7/D D7 B7
But for now just let me spend the night with you
[1: CaddD /D; to verse 2]
[2: to bridge]
[3, 4: CaddD /D; repeat]
Verse 2:
Somehow, someday
Things are gonna be so different
Don't cry, some way
I promise it'll be all right
So now that we're all alone
I couldn't bear to leave to take you home, oh no
[repeat chorus]
C B7sus4 B7
So take me now, my love can't wait
Em G7/D
We're almost there now, darlin', darlin'
C Am
Hold me (hold me), hold me (hold me)
FaddG D7sus4
Ho-oh-old me
[repeat chorus to end; start to fade 2nd time]
-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers

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