[Verse One]
West coast rap I run, and rhyme I rule
Not from old to new but from the true school
I lie, cheat, steal and rob
But I don't squab, giving the world a free paint job
Yes I smoke weed and sess
Green as the Hulk hold bottles of Old Gold
Push a ball point pen like a maintenance man
Sweep up wack Mcs with brooms and dust pans
Words I rock, plus mics equal Fahrenheit
I'm toxic wasting niggaz that's facing my topics
Don't sweat my mic checks like bomb threats
They passed wet didn't even bust yet
I'm a foul ball, punk niggaz can't catch it
In a straight jacket I write my rhymes with hatchets
So niggaz who bite raps, I hope your fucking lungs collapse
I'm on a vengeance writing rhymes with syringes
In West I loc, strong as camel smoke dope as heroin
MCs are parallel when I'm with my double barrel
Rhymes get hard as a callous, plus my dome with my palace
A one man gang, I'm mighty with fangs, wild slang, rob bang
Til brings hang from the songs I sang
Watch me break it down like a picture
I strike nerves, I throw curve rhymes like a pitcher
If blood wont find ya, the nine's gonna getcha
Skits so frantic shoot rhymes like an automatic
Niggaz panic when I let go the static frail
One step ahead in the future
Don't need a gun, when I can just let the rhyme shoot ya
Bring it to the North, South
East and West
"Kill the world when I take a deep breath" [scratching]
[Ras Kass]
Don't represent at my expense
It's too expensive; I got the rapping world tensive
Fuck passive, grey mater in gallons, my brain contains
Talions, so totalitarian reign, western hemisphere
Half of the equator creative side of the brain ascertain it
I remain undetectable entity, stressing amenity
Got hostility sinister similes
Like fuck Mary, I'm the where in proximities to these wack raps
Actually each level is lower
At this rap shit Ras Kass Constricts like the Boa
My flows pro and polar be deep
I unfold like the rap sheet
And compete incomplete sleet so complete hard emcees turn into SWV
Leave them so, weak in the knees they can hardly breathe
Fuck a tree, my sentences provide the photosynthesis
I leave the god damn rap world suffocating
A new jack ain't nothing but a recent masturbation
Master medulla, mystical eyes of Medusa
Drown niggaz like gouch with or without a producer
I used to, want to be excepted by my peers
now I have none, conducive
Logical collusions, I rely on Mount Siyon
To waste hell and set it son
So get the 4-11 or the 911 1 hundred
Rhyme written shitting on your entire anthology
Anomaly there is no analogy competition is a fallacy
Fictious niggaz ain't ripping getting getting roped in like kids fishin
To the ones that kick the kids to the curb
Put a dick in your eardrum and fuck what ya heard
[Verse Three]
Niggaz you can't run
And you sure as fuck can't hide
Who's first to die
When my violent lines collide
No escape my ciphers lock down like folks that provoke me
But your comments is the same (Don't approach me)
One step beyond what everyone considers tight
1995 Vietnam, motherfuckers wont survive
Niggaz wanna walk my path but they
don't know my path is like a plane crash aftermath
My lyrics is brimstone
I got squads caught up in my vortex
Coroners is running out of white sheets
I change the whole definition of a crime scene
Silent like graveyard ground duck down
You in the line of fire about to expire like coupons
Talent MCs get crushed like croutons
I'm dropping the triple O G you bomb
22 mega tons of dynamite
Saw verbal tongues of motherfuckers who ain't rhyming right
Test the best and grew Mcs with the fertilizer
Man and microphone stand brutalizer
My funk I'm deeper than a shalom
Rapper found dead with two spokes protruding from their spinal columns
I hear wack then counteract
Then build skills like robotek
Go text type to go techs of dope raps
So go ahead and act up nigga
You need a tea quarantine cause my style is contagious
I'm daring them
nigga rap lines of Jesus Christ
Nah but I'm flattered by the comparison

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