I wonder why there's so much hatred in this world today
You know a lotta of us brothers and sisters
Ain't gone make it to see another day
At the age of 12 I was on another page
I wanted to jug upon tha other people were gettin' their pay
My momma would always tell me about the direction that I was heading
Like the majority of these kids today man I was hard headed
I wanted to know to much a little man is shookin' police
Imagine a juvenile delinquent waitin' for a release date
Wait, it's easy for me to blame it on my surroundings
My folks raised me right, I just wanted to be the first fool pounding
Up and down tha block, Fleetwood Caddilac
But take it from me, young G, because that lifestyle ain't all that
Unless you ready to strap ya gat and serve tha yak and jug the sack
To get ya bread back, playa, I'm up on all that
Cause being broke ain't no joke, boost up ya confidence
There's two options:legal or illegal, you know the consequenses

Stay strong through all this drama, cause there's a remedy
This world is so corrupt, jealousy and envy
To all my folks in tha pen I'm sending this to you, ya know
Hope you get to hear my rap, try to make it off parole

The streets are full of sadness, dope and geto madness
Besides your brain and slangin' them thangs the only apparatus
Be that hot lead, I seen him yesterday but now my homie's dead
I hope I ain't going crazy, I know I ain't losing my head
No more obituaries, no more hearse, that shit hurt
You damn right, but see there's game plus a part of life
Got so much game to give they label my rap positive
Why not take advantage of that and give it back to my neighbourhood
Because them people wit them badges callin' themselves police
Be them same suckers going home selling hella weed
Everybody's human we need to live by the constitution
I ain't no dummy, behind them walls of congress someone's juicin'
How you think the streets get flooded wit guns and knifes and crack
Us blacks ain't got the type of machinery to deliver that
And the people that do kick back in mansions, pushing remotes
I ain't no hater, but man the law can't stand them folks


Once that crack hit this world a lot of us lost our minds
Foolz was selling everything in tha house down to the iron
After Scarface I wanted to be like Tony Montana
Until the narcs caught me slippin' on tha ...
They followed me and sweated me as if I was a rich man
I'm just a playa up out of Frisco tryin' to put my mack hand down
I be around jsut like tha single
Twinkle twinkle who's tha star, how I wonder where you are
Stepped in tha back then test tha mic and break 'em off a proper ...
That's what I did for representing Cali, you know
I used to be local but now I'm a nation wide professional
Once I get home to tha Bay, six days are so boring
Down to call for my P.O. she wants to test my urine
Now I'm tryin' to think did I drink or did I smoke too much
Here I am in her office, I forgot to hide these bucks
Livin' beyond your means you know that's a violation, bro
Peace to all my homies across the world, stay off parole

Yeah, Pac, you know Ragtop we got love, man


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