(feat. Drag-On, Nokio)
You stayed a night and you're thinking of a lie
You call your girlfriend up, use her for an alibi
Blowing up your pager, wondering where you are
All alone, ya here with me in the backseat of my car
Lips to lips, chest to breast, working up a sweat
Wanna call her back, but ya can't stop cuz it ain't over yet
You can't help yourself, girl you know it's wrong
But what you feel for me is much too strong
Let me be the one to show you how
So when you're all alone you can scream out loud
Laying there with him and you thinking of me
Cuz I'll make you the freak that you really want to be
Sneaking around every chance you get, calling me on my cell phone
Telling me how much you miss the way I make you lose control
The way I work your body round and round, side to side
Smack you up, rub you down, girl you know you like my style
Does he kiss you here? Does he touch you there?
Oh, you ain't satisfied, and that ain't fair
When you're with me, you know I'll kiss you everywhere, babe
To please you girl, that's why I am here, baby
[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]
I know that I can be a better man than he ever thinks he can
Does he got it going on, girl?
So let me be the one to show you how it's done, baby
Uh, uh, shorty, shorty, you know what I heard about?
Let me go the murder route
Love the way you put the blunt, herb in your mouth
Know your man get you mad, probably wanna curse him out
with your dirty mouth
Shorty, shorty you can find another love fucking with another thug
I'm the one you thinking of when you in the tub
even when you wit' him, you stuck with giving him the bub'
But you know what's up
Now she wanted me to set them up
I hit 'em up and she show me where the shuttle board
I spit a whip, bought her back with her wit' it
in case her little relationship got a little bigger right before I hit her
Smacked her, flipped it, you didn't even know I was a freak
I put the bowl in her mouth when I dug deep
C'mon, c'mon, we can really get it on
The same dragon, but this Drag-On is a thong
When I lay up in the bed with my long johns
Being red bone, plus she give head long
But if I hit it like Biggie, I'd be "Dead Wrong"
If it's another brother chick, let's not forget
And how she got him, she could get me as well
Gave her a Ruff Ryde, left her at the hotel
For my nigga Nokio, and if I say he didn't hit it
I'd be lying like Pinochio, you know
[Repeat 1 to fade]

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