I cannot tell you how I feel
I cannot make you know
What makes me real
You'd wanna steal it

I cannot show you how I cry
I cannot let you look
Into my eyes
I'll tell you why

It all comes down to me
And all you'll ever be
Is one small drop of feeling
In a sentimental sea
The rains that brought you in
Were dried up by the winds
And now it seems that sunny days
Are never gonna end

Now I'm older, I'm a man
I cannot speak to you
But when I can
You'll understand it

Still on my mind, still in my way
You know I think about
You every day
Can't run away

From someone I still love
Your face reminds me of
Our nights alone, the me you owned
Before push came to shove
And then I start to sigh
And wish that I could die
And twist and turn and crash and burn
Until I'm really high

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