It's been years
Since I held you in my arms
And surrendered to your charms
Many years

Long ago
I was underneath your spell
Thought I'd never live to tell
Long ago

That was then
Back when I was hypnotized
By the passion in your eyes
Way back then

Still I know
That without you, I am me
And I'm no damn fun to be
Oh, I know

Did I ever make it through?
Did you ever understand?
Questions never to be answered
Who would ask them? Who could stand?
Did you ever really love me?
Was it all just fun and games?
Nevermind, don't even tell me
Yes or no, it's all the same

You were mine
You were all I'd ever need
All the mouth I'd have to feed
You were mine

Now you're gone
And I'm half a man again
One part has and one part been
Since you're gone

You were there
Everytime I felt alone
I could call you on the phone
You were there

How I long
To relive those days of old
And to come in from the cold
How I long

Did your love for me exist?
If it did, then does it now?
If I asked you, would you think
That you had beaten me somehow?
Can I see or am I blind?
Do I dare believe it's true?
That the thoughts that I am thinking
Are the same ones thought by you?

I'm the same
I'm exactly how I've been
Since we parted way back then
Just the same

I'm still yours
Please believe me when I say
You're the artist, I'm the clay
Only yours

That my words are from the heart
I'm alone when we're apart

Let's return
To that lovely time we held
To each other, to ourselves
Let's return

Has our time forever passed?
Did our love just fade away?
Am I saying all the things you thought
You'd never hear me say?
Is it time we told the truth?
Is it time we made amends?
Questions never to be answered
Not in one year, not in ten

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