She came back home
And she heard that song
She turned the radio louder
Drove away with the sound
She flew over battlefields
And open graves
Yeah, right in his arms
Where she keeps him warm and save

Soldier, soldier
Lonely soldier
Through the darkness you did go
Where no one knows your name
Soldier, soldier
Lonely soldier
Dirty years and restless nights
And hours of endless pain
Lonely soldier, lonely soldier
You’ve got to find the way
Lonely soldier, lonely soldier
Through the night to see the day

Through the letters
She can see the fear
That’s in your eyes
She smells the blood
That’s on your hands
Sees those shattered dreams inside
But still she knows
That you are a fighter
And you are not to blame
Then she feels your kiss
And with the wind she cries again
And again

Soldier, soldier
Lonely soldier...

Tonight you look at the picture
Wife and child
Standing at your door
You realize the picture fades
With every minute, more and more
Suddenly fire, under attack
You’re running for your life
While at home the radio plays
There’s gunfire in the middle of the night
Of the night

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