And in our line of workwe need all the help we can get
Tony wind is the namehe works for a drug ring in central america
Who wants to kill him?
No informationsay yes or no
One point five million
Alrightyou get what you want -- money’s no object
They’re all cleanno serial numbersuntraceable
And there are explosive head bulletsin the clip


Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo-yohere come the cop man
Yo starks come herecome here sun
Come here for a minute!
Aiyyo aiyyo hold up hold up
Shit we gotta go to the store for more baking soda
Yo yo yo get your fuckinyo this made of glass nig!
Get your big adidas off my moms table man!
Get the fuck off it man.
Yo just chill manpass the cristal man.
Niggaz is greedy mandamn.
Big ass shits.
Yo man you ain’t smoking none of that weed in here man.
Chill man.

Bobby steels
Somebody go to the store man
Sup kid?
Get that baking soda.
(yo!) let’s cut the pie five ways
(noodles) we came off with two mil kid
Fast (rollie fingersno doubt coming through)
La cosa nostra
(johnny blaze!)
(lou diamonds!)
Represent kid.
(tony starks)
Universal frontier
(original blood claat bad bwoys)

Chorus: method man

Who come to get you? none. they want guns!
I be the first to set off shitlast to run
Wu roll together as one
I call my brother sun cuz he shine like one

Verse one: method mana.k.a. johnny blaze

Check it
Scriptures hit the body like sawed off shotties
Like my hair notty and my nosepiece snotty
Fuck a nigga hottiethat whole pussy probably
Burn like the deserts of mogabifor real
Ain’t nuttin fraudulent herewe pioneer
Commandeer a new frontierthis be the wu yeah
Thirty-six chambers of fearhuhyou lost it
Information leakin out your faucetshmmmmm
Time to forfeit your crown and leave the ground
There’s a new sheriff in town holdin it down
It’s the two holstershit shot smoker
Wanted dead or alivebounty on the poster
Wild in the westa student of my culture
And life is the testhold up
Let a nigga catch his breathwe still payin dues
And the last one is deathback to the essence
With that shit you stressinthis rap profession
Now peep ticalthe son of the shaolin
Isle plus my stylecriminology pays
The last times and daysjohnny fuckin blaze

Verse two: raekwon the chefa.k.a. lou diamonds

This goes for niggaz who know
Wu will grow like llelloley no
Plus coolin in barbados
Ricaans be givin me much shitthe dutch shit
Stay cool papiseize it with enough shit
Back at the lab acrack’s bagged up
Yo niggaz act upwhat blow up the workers if they hafta
Senoritasfuckin up a storm buyin guards margaritas
Suckin his dickup in the whip long
Designed for rhyme prime nigga jail time jiggas
Them niggaz up in height figures bitin niggaz
Silks wally-wear finger rolled chain yeah
Jakes beware black rap millionaires
Rock hairs leather goose bears blowin this year
One eight hundred gambino niggaz yeah

Wu roll together as one
I call my brother sun cuz he shine like one

Verse three: rzaa.k.a. bobby steels

Solid gold crown is shinin
Solid goldcheck it sun yo
Solid gold crown be shinin and blindin like some diamonds
I be pioneerin the style in the cloud with silver linings
Double breastedbullet proof vestedwell protected
The heart the rib cage the chest and solar plexus
Castin stonescrackin two-hundred and six bones
And watch yo’ ass get blown to a sea of fire and brimstone
How dare you approach it with dim pones
The overfiend like noah bean green souls with a soldier mean
The grand exquisite imperial wizard oh is it
The ryzarector come to pay your ass a visit
Local bio-chemicaluniversal giantthe black general
Lickin shots to davy crockett on the bicentennial
Happen millenium two thousand microchips two shots of penicillin
Goes up your adrenalin son it’s time for boutin
It’s a mileage resemblin niggaz who like followin
Trapped inside your projects like a genie inside the bottle

Verse four: master killer

God steppin forth upon holy down of the track
It’s the sound that surrounds and hurts me like I’m under attack
So I decided to bite down on the mic
So the pain of the track won’t deny the fact
That I’m the masterfor what lurksis an expert
That hurts the individual who tries to visual-ize under
Cuz I strikelike thunder
Niggaz couldn’t stand my heatit’s unbearable
My wisdom fucks up your respiratorial
Systems are fractured by the killa tactics
Style is ragged and thoughts are mad jagged
Enter the entitymy vicinity
Is three hundred and sixty degrees of humidity
Represent the school of hard knocks and glocks my
Clan is hoss and got mad moss for blocks so
Feel the force of impact from the iron side of
The gat as I attack the track
From the blind side of the packstarks pass the chrome
Watch a nigga get blown out his muthafuckin dome
Piecedeceasedlaid to rest


Verse five: ghostface killera.k.a. tony starks

Yoaiyyo I got to serve them my waymove give me room
Holdin up your saloonclean sweeplike a broom
Full moons make me howl like a wolf outta breath
Sold only new vocal cords I heard genius on gef
So step backto the lab athigh velocity
My teammateenhance cells well like a pharmacy
Fuck horado pablos plan growas bravo
Goodfellas we knowbest sellas become novels
The man rockin head bandssilk scarves and jams
Early 80’s british rockplayboysmocksand shams
The laser beam vocalist does well at symphonies
Bad dayswatch me snatch ice right outta tiffany’s
Remember them kids that came off with 8 million
Robbed the brinks and I labelled in royal pavillions
Them flower heads must have been stupid
Tell me how the fuck black niggaz get caught wit all that loot kid
That’s jet moneyundaground money
Submarines and rings too bad you fucked up dummies

Cosa cosacome on...

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