Oh Edith
You'll never know how much I wanted you
It was not appropriate...
Oh Edith
I loved you like a movie star
Driving in your car
Counting the waves with the top down
Oh Edith
I loved you like a waterfall
But you don't know this
I never told you...
And I think of you
Whenever street lamps die
And I think of you
No matter hot I try
You doubted my tears
Haunted me for years
Don't you know... know...don't you know
Don't you know you murder me
Oh Edith
Do you ever think of me
When you're waking from a dream
Or walking down an alley way
I wanted to send you some rain for your birthday
But it wasn't up to me
Oh that's how it had to be
Not up to me
Oh Edith
You murder me
You murder me
And I miss you...
I miss you...
Miss you...

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