Rachael Lampa/Tommy Sims/Ian Fitchuk

It's taken me all this time to see the sun
It's taken me all these roads to learn how to run
You've given me rain to wash away the stuff i thought i knew
And all that's left of me is you

I've been sweeping around this room with a fine tooth broom
Still don't have a clue
I've been searching for signs of life
But nothings comin through
I've been flipping through pages full of golden rules
A wealth of tiny truths
Tripping over the same old things, I thought I'd long since moved

I believe in the helping hand, my fellow man
And the fail-safe “love thy neighbor plan”
The promise, the creed, the other cheek, so help me
I need to get to you

Repeat chorus

You've been paving the way, making it straight
The path has been cleared
I've been a little hesitant, but you still find me here
You've been flooding my thoughts
Now I'm breaking the locks making my way through
I can see to the other side and I'm so glad it's you

I believe in the one about reaching out, living loud, and all my doubts I believe in
What I can't do and I believe, I believe in you

It's taken me all this time to see the sun
It's taken me all this time to learn how to run
After the rain has washed away the rust and residue
All that's left of me is you

I believe I can overcome the things that have been left undone
I believe I have a place to go, somehow I know, I will get to you

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