It was just a jump start
looking for a way out
i was in a mess then
trying to find out

looking for some action
looking for perplexion
you were in a maze then
i was on my way out

You better not come easy out
It's not the waters floating out
some how


It's another way out
It's another time out
looking for a tenfold hold

If it makes you so mad
Letters in a dream bag
It was just a mess then
now it's comming back, stay away.

better not come on
Lay'd you down
Raise your head

And you were alone
You put the pressure on, to loose your gain
And all that you gained,
You lost it twice one our way out

And Jane whats it now
I need you here to hold this thing with me
And jane whats it for you
You don't know what comes when your gone.

>>instrumental noize

Sure it's gone for now
Disintegrate the fears of your mind

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