Hey baby...
What you doin'?
Well, stay there.
I got a surprise for you.
I'm on my way over.

Suddenly I feel like I wanna break loose
Jump in my six and come and see you
Girl, I'm gonna do something that's brand new
Umm, I got a kinky surprise for you
So girl get ready cuz I'm on my way
Put your sexy body in some negligee
And if you feel me, let me know it right now
Baby, this is how it's all going down

There'll be
Three knocks at the door, my baby
My trench coat hits the floor, my baby
Sit back in the chair, my baby
Cuz I'm about to go there, my baby
And get your body real open, baby
Do what you been hopin', baby
Tonight I'm gonna pull a switcheroo
Do you mind if I strip for you?

Now I'ma stop and get some gas, my baby
That gives you time to freshen up, my baby
And if you want, just leave the door unlocked
I'll be creepin' in 'bout 12 o'clock
So turn the telephones off, my baby
No interruptions while I'm driving you crazy
Girl, I want you to know tonight is yours
Start in the bed and end up on the floor

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