Temperature's rising / and your bodies yearning for me / girl lay it on me / i place no one above thee / oh take me to the ecstasy / it seems like you're ready
It seems like you're ready
Seems like you're ready
Girl are you ready
To go all the way
All the way --- repeat
I can smell your perfume / step into my bedroom / let me love you constantly / oh your body is my playground / let me lick you up and down / make you feel like a woman should / it seems like you're ready
Look in the mirror now come a little bit closer / don't be scared i'm not gonna hurt you / i wanna do all the things you want me to do to you / baby i wanna make you feel real good
Chorus x 2
So are you ready / for my loving babe / i wanna make you feel so good / but theres one thing i'd like to know / is do you want it babe / do you need it babe / i'd like to know if i'm the one that you're preparing for / tell me babe / am i the one you want / am i the one you need / i just gotta know right now / right now / cause it seems just like you're ready / just like you're ready baby / and i don't wanna make no mistakes at all / but it seems like you're ready / come here lady / hey there lady / i'm willing / to bet my life that you're ready / and i promise i'll be good to you baby / you don't need to worry no

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