this is the remix
kells, ush, and T
flossin? hard
in the club
we about to triple up
hi my name is teddy
unfortunately yall dont know me
but i couldnt help but overhear
what yall was saying 'bout T-T
see i, i know her too
obvoiusly so do you
so im gon' get in this conversation too
do she got a crib (yup)
by the waffle house (yup)
did she show you that thing
that she be doin with her mouth (man)
she know how to cock them legs back
greatest sex in your life (yup)
yeah i know cuz she's my wife
(wait a minute hold on dog)
nigga aint no hold up back up
yall niggas gon' make me act up
im out here bustin my ass for her
to lie and turn her back up
and you just cant tell me that
you didnt see that ring on her finger
im even tryin to help her be a singer
thats why she was at that party in Atlanta
well i told her ass not to go out to Chicago
while im out here doin my thing in Tallahasse
yall out here treatin my wife like a straight hoe
i cant believe this bitch
i cant believe this shit
everything i ever did for her
im taking it back im so through with it
have to come out of my house
to have these niggas fuck my wife
and then call her the same girl
the same girl
same girl
and kells kells
the remix
same girl
and kells
hold up
hold up
hold up, wait a minute wait a minute
just wait one god dog-gone minute
you cant do the remix without
puttin some aura in it
cuz i hit it first (square business)
at the Ritz in the shower (square business)
its the king of the flirts (square business)
nigga i aint gotta lie (square business)
she's my shawty, my tenderoni,
my booty call when im horny
now, hi im bobby, this is whitney
when we gettin - hiiiiiiigh
spent that money, played that game
got good brain, she made it rain
she's my limp and i'm her cane
you sure we talking 'bout the same?
she, she called me biggle head
and i called her bobble-head
the way she wiggle it
when im hittin it from the back up in my bed
and the way she be screamin my name
and the way she be givin me brain
and when its all over she say
kelly you got the game
so back up, theo
its gon' cause you some pain
man i wish you would call her the saaameee
the same girl
same girl
and kells, kells
the remix
same girl
and kells
[r.kelly / freestyle]
now can i flip it, can i flip it
you can flip it, you can flip it
snap ya fingers, snap ya fingers,
snap ya fingers, snap ya fingers
(hey, hey, hey, hey....)
yeah, yeah yall yeah, i like this
if you in the club lemme see ya two steppin right now
come on (two step) put ya stunnas on,
put ya stunnas on (gon' two step)
(gon' two step, gon' two step...)
we bout to take over the radio right now yall
(gon' two step...)
just stand back,
we got t-pain in here
we got usher in here
we got kells in here
we got all the ballas, the ladies you know what im sayin
come on yall sing this part with me
im in the club wit a drink in my hand
stuntin' hard lookin like about a hundred grand
ready to spend it all
so shortie take it off
just call the club a gym
cuz a nigga ready to ball
think i'll buy the bar
leave with her in my car
hit it with my stunners on like a rockstar
i know yall think im crazy
kells gone wild
B-I-itch, this is just a freestyleee
woooaah yeah, hey
yall sound so beautiful
now ususally i dont do this but, uhh
imma go ahead on and do it
come on snap ya fingers wit me
michael jackson style
snap ya fingers
do ya step
you can do it all by yourself
snap ya fingers
do ya step
you can do it all by yourself
the same girl
same girl
and kells
same girl
and kells
same girl
same girl
and kells

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