Babyoh baby I know we had an arguementand all ooh babe and I must have said
Some foul shit but mmmmmm I just want you to know that I ain’t mean none of
That babybaby none of it now I was supposed to be a man about it shoulda
Never left your side no wayno how put too many years in this realationship
And it’s not that serios for us to split now I admit sometimes I make mistakes
But still I appreciate the love we make stop at the door and put your bags back
Down now baby please can we work this out now I may say you can walk(but i
Don’t mean it)and I might name call(I don’t mean it)i may pull some silly
Stunts(uhm mmm) but that’s just a frontI don’t mean it(now wait a minute hear
Me out) now I may holla at you(I don’t mean it)and I tell you were through (but
I don’t mean itnono)may give you looks that could kill(can kill) but it’s
Not for real(not for real) I don’t mean it(I don’t mean it hey)now I was
Supposed to be more understanding instead of trying to be so damn demadin baby
I’m willin to drop
My ego and do the things I should have done and more see I know that I can be a
Better man girl all you gotta do is take my hand promise this time I’m goin all
The way and show you all the reasons why you stayed (repeat tne verse with now
You can say you can walk) see I never meant to break you down and make you cry
Make you cry oh please baby please turn back around don’t say goodbyegoodbye
Sometimes I know that I can take it just a little to far but yo my heart is
Good heart is good so baby you don’t have to worry you’re gonna see a change
Girl you know I love ya even though I may ( repeat chours until end)

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