1st Chorus:
This my song for real no doubt
Said the dj's makin' me feel thugged out
As I walk into the dance floor
We begin to dance slow
Put your arms around me I'm feelin on your booty.

1st verse
Hey pretty moma how ya doing
Said I'm just in town for the weekend
Looking for a little trouble to get in to baby tell me what your drinkin' and I got you.

2nd chorus
Playa wanna play
Ballers wanna ball
Rollers wanna roll
But I'm taking off after our dance

1st chorus 2x

Now your body's got me feelin like spendin wit a back room I can come to live in and your hair weave lookin kinda prudy(pretty) the way you back it up on me baby lord have mercy

Chorus 2x

If its your birthday then put your hands up
You wanna get drunk then put your hands up
And if you got some cash then put your hands up
And your own job put your hands up playa wanna play...

2nd chorus 2x
1st chorus repeat til end

Fade of singing your booty.

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