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5 State Killing Spree
All About You
Be My Alibi
Beer Bong Vomitorium
Beer Brigade
Beer Run
Beer Shits
Blowin' Chunks
Boot Party
Brady Bunch
Cereal Killer
Crack Lab (In My Basement)
Darby Was A Martyr
Don't Ask Why
Don't Talk To Me
Drunk Tank
Fuck Pc
Fuck You (If You Can't Take A Joke)
Gun Control
Hate On
High Impact Camping
I Don't Care
I Hate Coffee
I Hate Everyone
I Wanna Be A Dyke
Jerry Lewis
Kill Yourself
Killer Ratings
Last Generation (с переводом)
Machine Gun Etiquette
Malicious Mischeif
Murder At The Senior Prom
Mutants (Shall Feast On Thine Carcass)
My America
Nic Fit
No Brain No Pain
Nuke Seatle
Part Of The Problem
Pig Roast
Punker Than You
Safety Pins
Soldiers Of Foreskin
Splatter Punk
Stupid People
The List
Ugly American
Under My Wheels
We Are The Drunks
We Rule
When I Win The Lottery
Young & Dumb