To stand the test of time to stand alone to be without the glue that keeps us
Glued together and feeling so excrementable it only goes to show you how many
Ways you don't know you when the bad sets in I could use some sleep resting
Falling falling deeper than sleep when we miss the point to carry on we miss
The point to carry on where things you want but did not get and allthe times
You've been upset by unfulfilled dreams and visions and the guilt for yur
Wrong decisions it's so hard to pry away pry out from under all the lies and
Distractions of the world you've seen what they can do but you cannot see your
Way out when we miss the point to carry on all thing fall through that's out
It feels when you hear the sound of disappointment so unsatisfied when the
Sights set higher some can't achieve don't believe there is light at the end
At all time to reach out for what's real it's easy to miss insistinsist that
You shouldn't always follow the first thing you feel

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