A trap to fall into easy believe in what you look ike outside a stain you
Can't remove a stain that keeps you from that place where you'd probably
Have much less to prove come downdon't fall over you ego don't mind your
Friends they just want to go where the fun goes down you want to up up hip hip
Hooray for you now you're the one that everyone talkes about the attention
You're not getting it makes you so upset so take me down to the place where
You can look your best better than anyone else around a stain you can't remove
A stan that keeps you from that place where'd you'd probably have much less to
Prove once you tried to get it right but you couldn't figure out what it takes
To be liked you're grown up and now you've gone back to find a way to get
Along it's just an act you can wipe that smile now you're the one that
Everyone talks about take time take it easy I know you work so hard but your
Advantage is your beauty and that's beautiful

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