[Project Pat]
North Memphis, South Memphis, Westwood, Orange Mound
Niggas ain't barrin' that bullshit make niggas clown
Down with the shit called 1-8-7 killa bitch
Thinkin' that you bulletproof but you'll end up in a ditch
Which one of you ho's thinking that you can't be got
Nine times I caught you slippin
Nine times the nine go pop pop pop till you drop
Body full of bulletholes
Where the hollow paint shells layin mane noboby knows
I suppose niggas try to estimate the triple six
They don't shoot at fiends they shoot you and I'm with the shit
Trick ass, soft ass niggas doin' pistol play
When you pull yo pistol motherfucker that's where you gon lay
I'm a say this to the niggas with the problems
Step up to the Patsta bitch and I'm a solve them
Most of you foolish ass niggas like to ride, be
Tip-toein on you ass nigga it's like hide and seek
When I creep best believe that It's foor a revenge kill
Niggas from the neighborhood, yeah mane they know the deal
See I'm real cause I'll look yo ass dead in the eye
When I put the tec to yo face bitch say goodbye
[Chorus x2]
This ain't no game nigga I don't fuck around
This ain't no game nigga, this ain't no game
Quick to freak like a maniac
As I cock the handle back
Nigga I'm for real
Your cap I will peal
I grab a nigga
I crack his dome
The blood be drippin
From the handle of my tome
Cause mane I'm a naughty nigga
I have to pull back the trigga
And watch yo blood skeet like juice
Cause bitch you ain't bulletproof
I'm down for 2 eleven
Don't make it a 1-8-7
See murder's the hobby mane
And lil Don is insane
This ain't no game nigga
How in the fuck you figga
You try punkin' us you'll feel the blast out my trigga
Straight out the honeycomb, smoking on the sack
I got my rep and cock it back then the body stack
I'm the sawed-off eager to get gangsta
To you shankstas, lankstas and prankstas
Come and try yo luck if you thinking I'm a ???
Down with my nigga Pat this no game nigga
[Chorus x2]
Shootin' motherfuckers at point-blank range [x8]

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