(feat. Crunchy Black)
[Chorus x2]
We gon' drank we gon' ride
We gon' smoke and get high
Smoke and get high smoke and get high
[Project Pat]
Hypnotize camp got a answer for you hoes
Inhale tha weed blow tha smoke out ya nose
Crack open bottles of dat liquor pour it in
Gon' take a swallow of dat Vodka and Gin
Hoes makin cheese off of tricks who'll spend
Up all they money how you gotta check 'em in
Game recognize eyes lit like a match
Blaze up this fire paranoid like on crack
Ridin wit my dogs dodgin laws when we roll
Through tha Dixie Homes me and Toby on a stroll
See a short skirt and we lookin for a hoe
One that'll suck dick one that'll go
Coward ass niggas get wrong and we blast
Neva knowin who always wear a mask
Talkin that smack then reach in tha stash
Dumpin them slugs then mash on tha gas
[Chorus x2]
[Crunchy Black]
All I do is smoke on bud
Break the Swisher down nigga fill it up wit drugs
Ridin through yo neighborhood wit my cuz
Lookin 4 us a freaky little slut
Found us a slut so we pick tha bitch up
Smokin on dat 'dro nigga pourin in her cup
Dis bitch right here know she gotta fuck
Fuck me mane and she suckin on my cuz
Fill her up wit X mane we don't give a fuck
Get this little freaky bitch for some drugs
Do her ass in mane smokin on dat 'dro
Breakin down tha weed mane smokin up some mo'
Broke out tha powder on this freaky hoe
Let me see how far will this hoe go
Stick dick down all in her bootyhole
Mane this a freaky ass fuckin hoe
[Chorus x2]
[Project Pat]
This is a weed session
you need to take out tha seeds yes sir
Tha kinda dope that we like to smoke
Tha red hairs get ya high you choke
We gon break down in bags sack up
We chain smokers takin drags no slack up
Then take shots of dat liquor intox-o
Cated mane hand on trigga let it blow
I go insane if'n I don't get 'dro
Dog I ain't payin for no bab a hell no
I'm low on ends so I turn into leech
I might go smoke all yo shit then hit streets
You look around and you could be victim
Hey you got five on a bag done tricked him
He thinkin Project was cool you damn fool
Mane I got Memphis in my blood I cross too
[Chorus x4]

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