(feat. Chrome)

[Project Pat:]
Tryna floss in da projects, mane getcha jacked off
Run up on ya wit dat moss bird face smacked off
You could be dat nigga
On tha curb dat cha crack off
Fingaz on the trigger
Full of herb neva slack off
Same gorrilla tactics ova hurr pockets swollen
Pearly white guts
Rims big as a somoan?
Jolly rancher colors
On the whips we be rollin
North Memphis
Dirty south you know that i'm holdin
the hood all the way up
My nigga you stay up
locked down
Now on the town gettin ma pay up
it's project pat
The haterz scream OHH NOO!
Hypmatize stackin money by the boat load

I ain't eva had nuttin', I hadda get it how I live
Hustle fa what I want
if I didn't get, take his
You would do it ta me
On tha real that's how it is
Most think its a game
You will getcha self killed
Cause hatas spectin' tha deal like they been through what I feel
Cause down here shit's real
On 7th its fuck feel
Playas be straight whilin'
Section they public housin'
Run up on you an hit cha
Cause I'm tha hata that's prowlin'
Gotta beef out this paper
No copretta till tomata
Don't gimme no altomata da pull back ya patata
This projects shit is in it
Feel like that since tha 80s
Tell em Project Pat, I'ma Project Baby!

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