Procul Harum - Whiter Shade of Pale

Tabbed by: tezhall
Email: [email protected]

Tuning: standard

Another tab I've done without access to the CD, I was just playing around the
other day and this popped out, so I decided to put it up for people to correct or
use and abuse at their will. If it's crap I'm sorry, but it sounds kinda right
to me.

It's just the chords tho cos I haven't got the CD to tab it out properly.

CHORDS USED (I think the names are about right, where I don't know them I've just
put a guess with a ?

G G/F# Em7 Cm7? C C/G Am Am7? Bm D Dsus2

The general chord progression seems to just repeat around each verse and the
chorus as below

G G/F# Em7 Cm7?
We skipped the light fandango

C C/G Am Am7?
Turned cartwheels cross the floor

Bm D Dsus2
I was feeling kinda seasick

G G/F# Em7 Cm7?
The crowd called out for more

C C/G Am Am7?
The room was humming harder

Bm D Dsus2
As the ceiling flew away

G G/F# Em7 Cm7?
When you called out for another drink

C C/G Am
The waiter brought the tray

D D Dsus2 G G/F# Em7 Cm7?
And so it was that later

C C/G Am Am7?
As the miller told his tale

Bm D
That her face at first just ghostly

(D) G C G D
Turns a whiter shade of pale

The whole lot then repeats over for the next 3 verses...sorry I've had a stab at
getting the solo but harpsichord isn't the easiest thing to reproduce on a guitar
and I'm nowhere close!



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