0 Never Too Late
A Love And A Fiction
A Merry Jingle
A Place In The Night
Adrenalin Junkie
Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
Anytime Anywhere
Back Off
Back To Back
Bad Boys
Battle Of Pride
Carpe Diem
Children Of Tomorrow
City Lights
Cold Killer
Come On Tough, Come On Nasty
Crazy Horses
Credit Card Lover
Dead Or Alive
Destination Paradise
Det Bedste Til Mig Og Mine Venner
Die With Your Dreams
Don't Settle For Less
Don't Turn Your Sex On Me
Dream On
Enter Forevermore
Eye Of The Storm
Face Me
Face Of My Enemy
Far Far Away
Fly Away
Fly Me Out
For Once In Your Life
Forever And Eternal
Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Carmina Burana)
Future World
Hang Tough
Hard Luck Woman
He Who Never Lived
Healing Touch
Heartbeat From Heaven
Hell On High Heels
How Does It Feel
I'll Be There
If It Ain't Gonna Change
If It Can't Be Love
In A World Of Your Own
In Santa's Claws
In The Flesh
In The Minds Of The Young
Invisible Chains
Jump The Gun
Know It Ain't Easy
Lethal Heroes
Little Darling
Live Until It Hurts
Long Way To Go
Love Games
Natural High
Needles In The Dark
Night Danger
Nightmare In The Neighbourhood
No Messiah
Not What You Think
Nowhere To Run
One Way To Rock
Only In America
Over And Out
Partners In Crime
Playing God
Please Don't Leave Me
Poisoned Pleasures
Queen Of Dreams
Raise Your Flag
Red, Hot And Heavy
Rock The House
Running Out
Savage Heart
Say The Word
Scent Of My Prey
Shelly The Maid
Snakes In Eden
The One That Should Not Be
The Unwritten Pages
They're All Alike
This Love
Time Awaits For No One
Too Late Too Loud
Tortured Spirit
Until It Dies
Violent Tribe
Virtual Brutality
Waitin' For The Time
Walk Away
We Came To Rock
When It All Comes Down
When The Angles Cry
Where The Blood Runs Deep
Who Said Money
Who's Gonna Change
With Theese Eyes
Wouldn't Miss You
Yellow Rain
Young Blood
Your Mind Is Where The Money Is