The lines across your face are drawn with hate
Cause I'm drawn to someone else
(Looks like you could use a little sleep)
I had some I didn't mention
You caught me coming late (framed by the door)
Onto a floor that's freshly waxed
And shows my tracks and raises
Some important questions

I ask you to be nice - it has no effect
And I suspect that you suspect
But didn't I say feelings are the last things to make themselves felt ?

Don't make me explain myself - you don't need to know
What's going on in my big head right now
It could appear that I should have a statement prepared, but
Don't make me open my big mouth

The words come quickly I feel sick
I use that for an excuse to exit
Looks like you don't buy it
And I'm trying your patience
But what I leave unsaid sticks in my head
The guilt puts me in a spotlight
Looks like I might reveal

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