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Subject: Coming Right Along tuning and chords

Not having seen the tab for Coming Right Along, I decided to try to figure out
the song. Here's what I came up with; comments are welcome.


Note 1/2 steps down

C 4
Bb 1
Eb 4
C 2
G 2
C 4

Chords, in order of appearance


000000 (Feed the daytime with)
555555 (indifference)
X02222 (Watch the)
X02200 (twilight starve the)

Chorus adds these, with the latter two being picked:

X10000 (Please be)
3X000X (coming)
2X000X (right)

The end adds this eerie C-major:


The song is surprisingly easy to play, once you've got the tuning!

Randy Dobkin
[email protected]

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