Simple words might influence your view
But I can save your life if you allow me to
Remember the time right before you became
Something too despicable to even name?
I can relate, I went through that stage too
And I hope you're still around when you're 22
('cause) Nothing really matters--but yourself (x2)
Simple words might often miss the point
But here's two words you better not ignore
Do you really believe that any man is an island
Will if you do then you're about to be stranded, man
Give another person just half a chance
To express himself
It's easy to believe
Believe in something other--than yourself (x2)
You wrote a letter (I)
But I knew better (you)
You can clearly (see)
Just what the effect is
Will you ever (be)
Be together (oh)
Enough to tell me (why)
Why does this have to happen to anyone?
Simple words are often misconstrued
But occasionally somebody's advice is worth listening to
I've stated my case, now I'll return to my place
But there will come a day when black marks won't erase

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