(Snow is falling on the meadow and roses now are out of season)
I just had to be with you today sweetheart cause today you seem so close
I knew you'd be excited since today's our first big snow
I built you this big snowman here cause I knew that you'd be thrilled
Though I know he's not as funny as the ones we used to build
These roses aren't as pretty as the ones I'd like to bring
But roses are out of season now and they'll be more colorful in the spring
Oh yeah I've finally got the job that we'd long been waiting for
But sweetheart it just don't seem to be important anymore
And I've finally got the pictures back that we took on vacation in May
Now I thought you'd like to see 'em so I brought them with me today
We got a postcard from that couple that we met on vacation too
They invited us down this summer so I brought it to read to you
You know it don't seem real that I'll never get to see your smile again
Never get to kiss your sweet lips or touch your soft smooth skin
And never get to laugh at those silly jokes you'd tell
And never get to buy you the perfume that you loved so well
You were so much like an angel so gentle and so sweet
And you made our home like a heaven and you made my life complete
I wonder if you hear me as I talk to you each day
Somehow I feel so close to you as I sit beside your grave
Sweetheart if you hear me and I do believe you can
Please come back and get me take me by the hand
And lead me into your world cause that's where I wanna be
Where roses are never out of season and again we can be happy

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