1st Things 1st
After Hours
All Over Again
Always On My Mind
Anthem (с аккордами)
Badd Business
Big Brat
Big Brat (с аккордами)
Big Brat (Solo Ver 2) (с аккордами)
By The Bed
California (с аккордами)
Can't Take It
Don't Get Down
Down In A Second
Dying Of Silence
Hey Now Girl
Hey Now Girl (с аккордами)
I Was Better Off
In Our Darkest Hour
Knowitall (с аккордами)
Lisa (Does It Hurt You?)
Lisa Does It Hurt You (с аккордами)
Local Black And Red (с аккордами)
Lonely Day (с аккордами)
Lonely Day (с переводом)
Making A Killing
Nobody's Fault
One Ray Of Sunlight
Recently Distressed
Rest Easy
Sitting in your room
Sleep Machine
So I Fell Again
Something is Wrong
Something Is Wrong (с аккордами)
The Happy Ending
The Local Black And Red
The Meantime
Turn Smile Shift Repeat
Winter Wonderland (с аккордами)
Wishing Well
Wishing Well (с аккордами)
You're Not Welcome Here