(I'll Give You) Money
(I'm A) Road Runner
(Putting My) Heart On The Line
A Woman
All Eyes On You
All I Wanna Be (Is By Your Side)
All Night Long
Almost Said Goodbye
Apple Of Your Eye
Baby (Somethin's Happening)
Baby i Love Your Way (с табами)
Baby I Love Your Way (с аккордами)
Baby I love your way
Breakin All The Rulez (с табами)
Breaking All The Rules (с аккордами)
Breaking All The Rules
Call Of The Wild
Can't Take That Away
Changing All The Time
Day In The Sun
Day's Daw
Dig What I Say
Do You Feel Like We Do (с аккордами)
Do You Feel Like We Do
Do You Feel Like We Do Live (с аккордами)
Don't Fade Away
Don't Have To Worry
Doobie Wah
Everything I Need
Feel Like i do (с табами)
Feel Like I Do (с аккордами)
Fig Tree Bay
Flying Without Wings
For Now
Friday On My Mind
Going To L.A.
Golden Goose
Got My Feet Back On The Ground
Hang On To A Dream
Hiding From A Heartache
Holding On To You
Hour Of Need
I Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It
I Can't Stand It No More
I Don't Need No Doctor
I Don't Wanna Let You Go
I Got My Eyes On You
I Wanna Go To The Sun
I'm In You
If You Say Goodbye
Into View
It All Comes Down To You
It's A Plain Shame
It's A Sad Affair
Its A Plain Shame (с аккордами)
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Just The Time Of Year
Lady Lieright
Lines On My Face
Lost A Part Of You
Love Stands Alone
Magic Moon (Da Da Da Da Da!)
May I Baby
Mia Rose
More Ways Than One
Most Of All
Moving A Mountain
Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)
Off The Hook
Oh For Another Day
One More Time
Out Of The Blue
Penny For Your Thoughts (с табами)
Penny For Your Thoughts (с аккордами)
Penny For Your Thoughts
Rise Up
Rocky's Hot Club
She Don't Reply
Shelter Through The Night
Shine On
Show me The Way (с табами)
Show Me The Way (с аккордами)
Show Me The Way
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
So Hard To Believe
Something's Happening
St. Thomas (Don't You Know How I Feel)
Take Me By The Hand
Talk To Me
The Bigger They Come
The Crying Clown
The Lodger
Tried to Love
Verge Of A Thing
Waiting For Your Love
Wasting The Night Away
We've Just Begun
Where I Should Be
Which Way The Wind Blows
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
White Sugar
Wind Of Change
Won't You Be My Friend
You Can Be Sure
You Don't Have To Worry
You Don't Know Like I Know
You Kill Me
You Know So Well