A Different Point Of View
A Man Could Get Arrested
A New Life
A Red Letter Day
Absolutely Fabulous
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS (rollo our tribe tongue-in-cheek mix)
Always on my Mind (с табами)
Always On My Mind (с аккордами)
Always On My Mind
Being Boring (с переводом)
Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
Birthday Boy
Boy Strange
Can You Forgive Her (с аккордами)
Can You Forgive Her? (с переводом)
CAN YOU FORGIVE HER? (rollo dub)
Closer To Heaven
Decadence (с переводом)
Dj Culture
Do I Have To?
Do I Have To_
Domino Dancing
Don't Drop Bombs
Dreaming of The Queen (с переводом)
For Your Own Good
Forever in Love
Getting Away With it
Girls And Boys
Go West
Go West (с аккордами)
Happiness Is An Option
Here (Psb New Extended Mix)
Hey, Headmaster
Hit Music
Hit Musica
Home And Dry
Home And Dry (Blank and Jones Mix)
How Can You Expect to be Taken Seriously?
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously_
I Can't Say Goodnight
I Don'T Know What You Want But I Can'T Give It Any
I Dont Know What You Want But I Cant Give It Anymore (с аккордами)
I Get Along
I Get Along (с аккордами)
I Get Excited
I Want a Dog
I Want a Dog 7
I Want a Lover
I Want to Stay Here
I Want to Wake up
I Want to Wake up 1993 Johnny Marr Remix
I Want You Now
I Wouldn't Normally do This Kind of Thing
I'm Not Scared
I'm With Stupid
If Looks Could Kill
If Love Were All
If There Was Love
In Denial
In Private
In The Night
It Always Comes as a Surprise
It Couldn't Happen Here
It Doesnt Often Snow At Christmas (с аккордами)
It Must be Obvious
It's a Sin
It's Alright
Jack The Lad
Jealousy Extended Mix
King's Cross
Later Tonight
Left on my Own Devices (maxi)
Left to my Own Devices
London (Genuine Piano Mix)
Love Comes Quickly
Love Is A Catastrophe (с переводом)
Love Pains
Music For Boys
My Head is Spinning
My October Symphony
New York City (с аккордами)
New York City Boy
New York City Boy (с аккордами)
Nothing Has Been Proved
Nothing Has Been Proved (from The Motion Picture "scandal")
Occupy Your Mind
One And One Make Five
One in a Million
One More Chance
One of The Crowd
One Thing Leads to Another
Only The Wind
Opportunities (let's Make Lots of Money)
Paninaro '95
Paninaro 7
Pet Shop Boys
Positive Role Model
Rent (с аккордами)
Saturday Night Forever
Se a Vida e
Se A Vida E (с аккордами)
Se A Vida Г‰
Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Mix)
So Hard
So Sorry, i Said
Some Speculation
Somebody Else'S Business
That's my Impression
The Crying Game
The End of The World
The Man Who Has Everything
The Night I Fell In Love
The Only One
The Patience of a Saint
The Samurai In Autumn
The Secrets (got to Me)
The Sound of The Atom Splitting
The Sound Of The Atom Splitting (12 Mix)
The Survivors
The Theatre
This Must be The Place i Waited Years to Leave
Time On My Hands
To Face The Truth
To Speak is a Sin
To Step Aside
Tonight is Forever
Too Many People
Try It (I'M In Love With A Married Man)
Twist in my Sobriety
Two Divided by Zero
Up Against it
Violence Hacienda Version
Was it Worth It?
Was That What it Was?
Was That What It Was_
We All Feel Better in The Dark
We Came From Outer Space
West End Girls
What Have I Done To Deserve This (с аккордами)
What Have i Done to Deserve This?
What Keeps Mankind Alive
What Keeps Mankind Alive_
Where The Streets Have no Name
Where The Streets Have No Name Can't Take My Eye
Where The Streets Have no Name|can't Take my Eyes Off You
Why Don't We Live Together
Why Don't we Live Together?
Why Don't we Live Togheter?
Yesterday When i Was Mad 7" Version
Yesterday When i Was Mad Raf Zone Dub
Yesterday, When i Was Mad
You Choose
You Know Where You Went Wrong
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When Youre Drunk (с аккордами)
Young Offender
Your Funny Uncle