A Bleeding Heart Of Desire
A Cathedral For The Silent Dead
A Gate To Past Times
A Last Temptation
A Mournful Bridge Over A River Of Tears
Ancient Despair
Ancient Wisdom Of The Forest
At Feasts Full Of Warm Blood
Autumn Is The Beauty Of Pain
Black Is The Sun Shining
Entering The Gate
God And Country
I Die And Become
In Mortal Darkness (Life & Death Part Ii)
In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I)
In The Infinitely
Into The Great Inferno
Into The Vast Eternity
My Secret Garden
Phantasm Of Lost Existence
Possessive Thought
The Arcane Epitaph
The Birth Of My Funeral
The Black Lake
The Dance Of Demons
The Endless Spheres
The Path I Follow
The Shadow Of Sorrow
The Test Of Time
The Undertaker
Voices In The Night