Born on The Fourth of July (с табами)
Bottle of Wine
Bound For The Mountains And The Sea
Crazy John (с табами)
Daily News
Did You Hear John Hurt (с табами)
Don't Slay That Potato
Getting up Early (с табами)
Getting Up Early (с аккордами)
Going to The Zoo (с табами)
Going To The Zoo (с аккордами)
High Sheriff of Hazard
Hold on to (с табами)
Hold on to me Babe
I am Changing my Name to Chrysler
I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
If You Love That Politician (pull The Chain) (с аккордами)
Jennifer's Rabbit
Jimmy Newman (с табами)
Jimmy Newman (с аккордами)
Johhny Got a Gun (с табами)
Johnny Got a Gun (с табами)
Last Thing on my Mind
Last Thing on my Mind (с табами)
Last Thing On My Mind (с аккордами)
Leaving London
Letter From Lbj
Marvellous Toy (с табами)
Marvellous Toy (с аккордами)
Marvelous Toy (с табами)
Marvelous Toy (с аккордами)
My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog
My Dogs Bigger Than Your Dog (с табами)
My Dogs Bigger Than Your Dog (с аккордами)
My Lady's a Wild Flying Dove
One Million Lawyers
One Time Only
Out of Luck, Out on Another Highway
Outward Bound
Ramblin Boy (с аккордами)
She Sits on The Table
Show me a Pretty Little Number
The Bomb
The Love of Loving You
The Marvelous Toy
The World Goes Round And Round
This World Goes Round And Round (с аккордами)
What a Friend we Have in Hoover
What Did You Learn in School Today
When Annie Took me Home
Willing Conscript
Yuppies in The Sky