Love can be so cold
Love can be so cold

I think it's time that I told you the truth, yeah
'Cause it's on my mind
So let me do what I gotta do, yeah
'Cause it's someone else
So I can't see you no more
I can finally see my smile again
'Cause he's the one my heart beats for

He makes me feel like I'm his number one, his prize
Tells me everyday I'm his everything
And I never got that from you (that from you)
So don't try to change my mind
'Cause I've had enough this time
And you always let me down
And now you can't turn your back around

Ain't it cold
When the one you love lets you go
And you got no one to hold, yeah, yeah
That's the way you make me feel
Boy, it's cold
On the other side, yes I know
Now it's time to let you go, yeah, yeah
Love can be so cold

The tables turned
And nothing's stays the same...

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