(featuring Bun B)

They don't know what that scar about, they don't know what that war about
They don't know what that candy car about or smokin that joint about
Texas is the home of the players and pimps
Showin naked ... in the great state of Texas
Third coast born, that mean we're Texas raised
Texas mother ... that's where I stay (already)

[Paul Wall]
What you know about swangers and vogues (what)
What you know about purple drank (what)
What you know about poppin trunk (what)
With neon lights and candy paint
What you know about white shirts (you don't know)
Starched down jeans with a razor crease
Platinum and gold on top our teeth (what)
Big old chains with a iced out piece (bing!)
You don't know about Michael Watts (nuttin)
You don't know about DJ Screw (nuttin)
What you know about man hold up
I done came down and what it do? (already)
You don't know about P.A.T. (uhh)
What you know about FREE PIMP C
What you know about the Swishahouse man (what)
What you know bout the S.U.C. (nuttin)
We keep it player, ain't no fake
We be holdin plex whenever haters hate (okay)
We listen to music Screwed and Chopped
Down here in this Lonestar state
Out of towner be comin around
Runnin they mouth be talkin down
But you don't know nuttin 'bout my town
Either hold it down or move around


[Bun B]
They don't know what that cheese about
They don't know what 83's about
They don't know but that's how it be's about
or pour PT's up out
They don't know about sippin or
they don't know about slabs that crawl
They don't know about gettin amped
off three monsters wrapped in that four
They don't about about RBJ's
They don't know about what we drive
They don't know about Louis Manna
or Corbin Terry, them boys gon lie
They don't know about bumper grill
They don't know about button it down
They don't know about H-Town
Takin over the rap game and shuttin it down
Bun B baby I rep the trill
All about makin a dollar bill
Grip the grain, drip the stain
Dancin Swisha let's throw some kill
I'ma keep it real mayne show mey skill
Pop my trunk and show my fangs
Leave you numb like novacaine
Til they free Pimp C, you know it mayne


[Paul Wall]
Hold on, hold up a second cuz'
Boys comin down blue or red (mayne)
Down here pimpin ain't dead (ha)
Grindin daily to stack my bread
I from the place where girls jump fly (what)
Nowadays the broads pimp broads (yup)
They got mo' game then most these guys
You'll get set up and then you'll get robbed (gone)
You don't know about chunkin a deuce (nuttin)
You don't know 'bout a Southside fade (nuttin)
Down here we be ridin D's
But you don't know about choppin blades (what)
Texas Southern or Prairie View (what)
What you know about Battle of the Bands (nuttin)
Down here we got ghetto grub
Like Williams Chicken or Timmy Chan's
You can catch me ridin swang
What you know about sippin syrup (nuttin)
You don't know about po'n it up
Purple drank so speech is slurred (what)
You don't know about the way we talk
Boys say we got country words (ha?)
But I don't really care what you heard (okay)
Cause you don't know about the Dirty Third


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