[feat. Dee Money]
[Dee Money Talkin]
Yuh, know what i'm talkin bout
We over here in new orleans, three in the mornin
me Lil Wayne,my lil brotha lil joe aka young hustle
we in da 9th ward mayne lookin 2 see wat katrina did now we on our way
2 da nolia
[Lil Wayne]
I'm comin straight out da South, with my nuts in my hand
It's the Young Money, Cash Money,Holly Grove that's my land
Who's the man that's in demand, it's Weezy baby yeah that's me
I put it down on that dat nigga bg , but now I reside on that 17th
And I'm hustlin, on the grind, 17 holly grove nigga, I was straight
No time to eat or sleep, I'm stackin licks that just won't wait
I'm campaignin for a Benz, on the rims with bubble eye lens
So I'm stackin every dollar I see hundreds, fifties, twenties and tens
Do's and pull triggaz close, never be scared of any nigga, players get chose Hustle and flow, cars close, that's the player life that I know
Roll the dank up, where's the 'dro, 40's I drank em up, where's my heater dee money Stackin money all on the low and we still ridin dirty,dirty south lo blo


[Dee Money]
I learned overtime, many hustles of every kind nigga just gotta
Whatever it takes to make a dime, I keep that paper on my mind
Roll up in a impala ridin dirty with my nigga lil wayne dirty south
kingz nigga we ball til we fall leave da streetz in pull ova like rags
2 riches It's a long road, full of hurdles potholes and ditches
I was born in new orleans and that taught me to keep it movin when you take a loss And my nigga weezy taught me to keep it Real at all cost
I peeped game from the best, got 9th ward CTC tatted on my chest I put in work with no rest, to get that paper that's my quest I'm on a slow grind towards success, one of the best cause I keep it fresh I'm one hundred percent and nuttin less been workin hard to get dis paper lookin out for
cops ever sense katrina blown my click away i been hustin 4 dis paper 2 get
dis money and i'm ridin dirty my cousin wookie taught me one thang and one thang only keep it real my nigga and continue ridin dirty


[Dee Money Talkin]
Yeah dis ya boy darryl known as dee money dirty south nigga weezy let's get
dis paper and behave of hurricane katrina i got u right in da palm of my hand/

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