1st verse Got to excuse NET You shake it up DA
Can't step aside NET When hit is up DA
No one's away NET lt just began DA
Ain't gonna wait NET Move it come on DA

Can't loose your hit NET You loose your mind DA
Can't feel your feet NET Your body's grind DA
Got no control NET Your bosy's choose DA
But don't blow it up NET You've got the fuse DA

B part Come on come on you stop my heart baby baby
Come on come on you strike so hard baby yeah


2nd verse Can't get away NET Stuck to the beat DA
Can't get it stopped NET Slave to the rhythm DA
Can't get enough NET Hungry to move DA
You strike to my heart NET When you've got a groove DA

B part:------------------------------------------------------


C part Cool it down you sweet thing come on cool it down
Your body craves of a cooling rain you've got that flame
Break it out
No way you can fake it's gotta stay
Break it out
Need no fake need no feint gotta give more gain
Break it out
Lf you play the only way
When you need more you give more you get more


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