A Good Day to Die
Bottle's Nest (с переводом)
Breathing In, Breathing Out (с переводом)
Choke On Your Lies
Close my Eyes (с переводом)
Clouds Of Ecstasy
Computer God
Dancing With The Dead
Dark Fields Of Pain
Does It Really Matter
Don't Let Me Down
Dont Let Me Down (с аккордами)
Don’t Count me Out
Eleanor Rigby
End Of The Line
Expelled (с переводом)
Fade Away
Injected Paradise (с переводом)
It's Only Them
Just Hate me (с переводом)
Just Think Again (с переводом)
Learn How To Die
My Misery
Nailed To The Ground
On And On
On Your Knees (again)
Parallel To Ecstasy
Psalms Of Extinction (с переводом)
Pull me Under
Rope Around My Neck
Same Old Song
Save me
Save Your Prayers
She Whipped
Shout Your Mouth (с табами)
Shut Your Mouth
Shut Your Mouth (с аккордами)
Stay Away
Suicide Machine
Supersonic Bitch
Tear it up
The Game
The Last Drops Of My Life (с переводом)
The Tables Have Turned
The Third Wave
Walking On Glass
We Not Afraid to Die
Zombie Slam