Babylon breathe babylon
I see you people babel on and on on graven images
Golden idols and false iconsss
I'm seeking wisdom like Solomon
But My antenna keeps on pickin up evil transmission
At headquaters I receive my mission blow up the ruler of the air
Like nuclear fission
So I analyze my weapons
Laser guided rifles that shoot spiritual wisdom
I think I see enemy warriors fragile heathens tryin' to run stuff like mayors
So with brotha's that snuff punks
I set up time bombs to destroy the strongholds of babylon
Babylon breathe Babylon
We be tribes under grace
A righteous minority decadent culture make you forget you spiritual
Priority back down by the movement
Soldiers who will serve ya open to be used by god
Destroy you like medo-persia jewel of all kingdoms
Like evil, purified hurrahhh take you down
Don't look back over thrown you
Like sodoom and Gomorrah strong arm of the law
Guilty of all crimes I be like the great prophet
Isalah predict yout fall over 150 times
Got rhymes that you could never use for the purpose you be using
I'll dance over your fields
Present day Iraq still lies in ruins lies, schemes
Backstab persuasions bum-rushed
Get crushed by us
This rescue invasion look to the sky
Heed the warning the shadow is coming
The shadow is coming
The plagues are coming
The plagues are coming
I feel the breathe of the death beast
Mised bureaucracy
Full of hypocrisy
I gotta steel pulse
Looking for a true democracy destruction
Now your walls have fallen
Just sitting here waiting for the train to zion
Sit down is 47:1
The city has fallen
She has fallen golden images of it's gods
Lie shattered on the ground

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