How ya'll feeling tonight i dont give a damn
(Macy Gray)
Mama i'm leaving away from home, to join the circus
And papa i'm going to that place where them clowns get down (get down)
Sister i know that there are lions,tigers and bears
(I'll be safe to sure to call yall when i get there)

Welcome to the greatest show on earth
(Oh step right up, step right up come on, come on)
What you what you need want a drink want a cheat
I've got it yeah i've got

Mama im moving up ?
And papa next week they'll let me sit on the trapzee, ee (woo)
Uncle you see all these dancing girls
(Every night i get to sleep under the big top)


(background singing)

Ok, OK, Ok I got fruit love, I got true love, I got green love, I got blue love, I got dark love, I got light love, I got white love, I got chinese love, I got plaid love, I got stripe love

(Thanks to Nicole for these lyrics)

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