Destiny calls
To leave these walls
For only the fleece can bring us peace
I am to rule
A king not a fool
The prophesy I will defend and sail to the worlds end
Fear the children slain of the hydra
For they will seek to kill upon command
None can escape the teeth of the hydra
From the teeth of the hydra come the children of the damned
Many have tried
And many have died
So it is told in search of the ram of gold
And guarding the prize
With death in its eyes
Lies a seven-headed serpent in shadows awaiting the bold
We, have not come here to kill, but for the fleece
Be it the Gods will
We, same as the legend
The prophesy will be fulfilled in the end
Our battle has come
And I fear to run
But with my blade of steel the serpent is done
From his teeth on the ground
With an evil sound
Grow skeletons of death wanting my soul

Wasn't that good, wasn't that nice, I see you begin to look real fine.
I knew I was the boy

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