Black suits, eyes closed,
Nothing left to hear.
One mistake, blame the youth,
Crossed the line of fear.
Burn the bridges that we crossed in time,
Seemed the only way.
Not for nothing was his only crime,
A final price to pay.
Black days, loss for words,
When there's so much left to say.
Time's mine, have so much time,
Since I went away.
Back across the bridges burned,
Now walk alone.
The lights are on, the door's unlocked,
But no one's home.
I saw the last of sunshine,
I'm going back Mother Earth.
A cry of independance,
Ends in Death.
Yeah, the last of sunshine,
Oh yea know, for what it's worth,
Nice day for a funeral.
One last time to turn your back,
Don't kiss me when I go.
Don't wonder why it came to this.
You didn't want to know.
Bastard child and a misspent youth,
Yeah he's yours and mine.
Digging graves, not the buried truth,
If we only had the time.

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