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Are You There
Are You There (с аккордами)
Are You There?
Are You There_
Back Home Years Ago
Benign (с аккордами)
Better Luck Next Time
Boys Don't Cry
Boys Dont Cry (с аккордами)
Bruise (с аккордами)
Candy Store
Champion (с аккордами)
Come To Say
Come To Stay
Don't Break My Fall
Down Then Im Loaded (с аккордами)
Down When I'm Loaded
Fountain & Vine
Half And Ass
Halo (с переводом)
Hands Off The Wheel
How Could I (с аккордами)
How Could I?
How Could I_
I Walk Alone (с аккордами)
I Walk Alone (с переводом)
Jimmy Shaker Day
King Of Good Intentions
Leave it All Behind
Lost Cause
My Bad
Off & on
Off & On
Runaway Train
Runaway Train (с аккордами)
She's Up, She's Down
Shrinking The Blob
Shrinking The Blob (с аккордами)
Silver Lined
Stupid (с аккордами)
Where Were You Then?
Where Were You Then_
Why I'm Here
Why Im Here (с аккордами)
You'll Find Out
Youll Find Out (с аккордами)
Your if You Like
Yours If You Like
Yours If You Like (с аккордами)