From: jackoasis [email protected]

I know this can't be wrong because I took the chords and l
lyrics from my oasis song book.
c g am
verse 1-slip inside the eye of your mind
e f
don't you know you might find
g c am g
a better place to play
c g am
you said that you'd never been
e f
but all the things that you've seen
g c am g
slowly fade away
f fm c
bridge 1-so i start a revilution from my bed
f fm c
cause you said the brains i had went to my head
f fm c
step outside'summertime's in bloom
stand up beside the fireplace
take that look from off your face
am g f g
you ain't ever gonna burn my heart out.
c g am e f
chorus1-so sally can wait'she know's it's to late
g c am g
as she's walking on by.
c g am e f
her soul slides away'but don't look back in angr
g c g am f g c am g
I heard you say
verse 2-take me to the place were you go
where nobody knows'if it's night or day
please don't put your life in the hands of a rock n' roll
band'who will throw it all away
bridge 2-as bridge 1
chorus 2-as chorus 1
guitar solo-chords as bridge
chorus 3 -as chorus 2
c g am e f
chorus 4-so sally can wait she knows it's to late
g c am g
as she's walking on by 'her soul slides away'but don't
fadd9 fm7
look back in anger'don't look back in anger'i heard you say
c'g'am'e'f'fm it's not to late

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