Mr. McCarthy killed the light he didn't wake his lovely wife
He left the key inside the door, woke up on the wrong side of the bed
She can't remember what he said but she sure knew what he had done
Little choices in a, a little town maybe a, little man is right to be afraid
Biblic moralization, identity frustration, confused man cannot know his heart
So he may be fucking her, but he's thinking about him
Catherine McKinnon does exist, she likes to call herself a feminist
A crusader who fights the patriarch. But what she really hates is sex
Simple solutions created by black+white thinking. Too bad the world not work that way.
Catherine should be busy porkin, that dolt Andrea Dworkin
I think they need a good hard fuck
Cause she may be off her back now she needs to get off ours
The little man sits all alone, his sexuality's been cut in stone
He doesn't love her, she really don't care
Two victims of the black and white

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