Em G
An angelface smiles to me
D Em
Under a headline of tragedy
G Ddim
That smile used to give me warmth
Em G
Farewell - no words to say
D Em
beside the cross on your grave
G Ddim
and those forever burning candles

Em C
Needed elsewhere
D Am Em
to remind us of the shortness of our time
Tears laid for them
D Am F
Tears of love, tears of fear
Bury my dreams, dig up my sorrows
Em C
Oh, Lord why
the angels fall first

Not relieved by thougts of Shangri-La
Nor enlightened by lessons of Christ
I'll never understand the meaning of the right
Ignorance lead me into the light
Sing me a song
of your beauty
of your kingdom
Let the melodies of your harps
caress those whom we still need
Yesterday we shook hands
My friend
Today a moonbeam lightens my path
My guardian

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