С аккордами

Adeline Out Of Tune (с аккордами)
Adeline, Out Of Tune
All Ears (с аккордами)
All Ears
Are You True
Asleep At The Wheel
Drama Queen (с аккордами)
Drama Queen
Drinking In The Afternoon
Every Double Life
Forever Leaving
Four More Years (с аккордами)
Four More Years
From California
Hanging On For Hope
Hover Near Fame
I Won't Run Away
Idaho (с аккордами)
Lonely Hearts (с аккордами)
Lonely Hearts
Losing You (с аккордами)
Losing You
Make Me Change My Mind
Maybe I'm A Fool
My Old Man Had A Pistol (с аккордами)
My Old Man Had A Pistol
Never Treat Others
Picture In The Paper (с аккордами)
Picture In The Paper
Poison In The Ink
Proceed With Caution
Slow Down
Son Of A Prophet
Stay On The Phone (с аккордами)
Stay On The Phone
That Side Of Me
The Death Of Us
The Smoking Gun
The Spoils Of The Spoiled
Watch The World Cave In
When We Two Parted
Worse For The Wear